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Premium Chaunsa Mangoes -  1 box 2.5 kg

Premium Chaunsa Mangoes - 1 box 2.5 kg

The Chausa or Chaunsa mango of Pakistan is certainly in the worlds’ top ten varieties available. It is an exceptionally sweet mango with a wonderful fragrance and delicious soft, succulent flesh with only the minimum of fibre. Externally, as with many Asian mangoes, it is not a fruit of beauty, usually being of a pale, matt yellow appearance, but once inside the thin peel it is a delight. In Urdu, the name Chausa means ‘sucker’, so named because the mango is so delicious that not a fragment can be left. Chausa has quite a thick stone and the flesh is a fairly light yellow in colour. Usually depending on the size a box contains 6 to 8 mangoes ranging from 300 grams to 400 grams a piece.


Chaunsa Mangoes will be delivered in July 2022

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